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    Natural immune boosting properties

    Manuka honey has natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory & anti-viral properties.

    Combined with anti-oxidants

    Our booster blends combine our flower sugar with anti-oxidant superfoods.

    Alternative to refined cane sugar

    Crystalised manuka honey is a convenient and healthier alternative to regular cane sugar.

    Delicious honey without the mess

    Our innovative honey drying technology creates a 100% natural, mess-free, sugar alternative.

    Handy sachets when you're on the move

    No risk of sticky leaks in your bag or pocket with our portion size sachets of dried honey powder.

    Add to your favourite food & drinks

    From tasty smoothies to mouth-watering marinades, our honey will elevate your dishes.

    Have it your way

    Our innovative drying technology captures the magic of manuka honey without the sticky mess. Add it pure or choose one of our delicious superfood blends.

    About us

    Our Process & Philosophy

    We produce high purity manuka honey, made locally in Australia for a great taste, while helping to sustain a bee population.

    Our process uses the latest technology to dry and crystalise manuka honey with a purity of close to 100%.

    We value sustainability, working with Australian beekeepers who protect the fragile local ecosystem.

    Sustainably Produced By Bees
    Innovative Drying Technology
    Innovative Drying Technology
    Blended With Superfoods
    Portioned Into Sachets Or Lozenges

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      Our Vendors

      Our products are available in selected stores. We supply some of Australia's best healthy eating and wellness vendors with our magical manuka honey.

      Latest Recipes & News

      Did you know that you can use our Manuka Flower Sugar for cooking and baking? Check out our delicious and healthy recipes.