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    About Us

    We value health, technology & sustainability

    We use advanced patented drying technology that can perform honey drying while achieving unprecedented purity levels of up to 100% pure manuka honey powder. Our honey is sourced from Australian beekeepers, who help to sustain a healthy bee population helping countless other species.

    Latest Development: Save The Bees Australia

    As part of Hon-EHaven's ongoing commitment to working with local Australian beekeepers, we are now supporting Save The Bees Australia. Save the Bees Australia is a social enterprise that aims to raise awareness of the importance of bees and raises money to ensure bees in our surrounding communities are saved from extermination. (Click the icon below to visit Save The Bees Australia).


    Going Beyond Honey Powder

    We wanted to take our finely powdered manuka honey to the next level, so we came up with the idea to create health boosting blends.

    By researching combinations of superfoods, and other medicinal ingredients, we were able to create a series of delicious honey powder blends.  Each blend offers unique benefits for your body and mind.


    Close to 100% purity after drying

    Our patented drying technology preserves the healthy benefits of manuka honey even after dehydration.  Through a cutting edge process, we retain close to 100% purity when creating our flower sugar, so that you get all of the benefits in a convenient and portable sachet, powder or lozenge.


    Keeping bee populations healthy

    Environmental sustainability has never been a more urgent concern in Australia.  Our local bee populations are under threat, and our bush honey beekeepers are an integral part of protecting the surrounding ecosystem.

    Honey bees have a huge impact on a whole range of species of plants and animals, and by switching to a honey based sweetener rather than refined sugar, you are doing both your body and our planet a huge favour.