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    Defender Fit +

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    Fit +属于保卫者系列,专注于以100%自然方式控制体重。天然免疫防御功能性食品:混合粉末,采用MGO263+麦卢卡蜂蜜等优质成分配制而成。它专为控制体重而设计,它会抑制饥饿感以避免在一顿饭中摄取太多食量,并以 100% 天然成分支持日常身体免疫系统,含有抗病毒、抗菌和抗炎特性。

    Defender Fit + is formulated with QV0. Animal tests conducted by an Australian Independent Research Institute has shown constant results when cells treated with QV0,over 24 hours period, cancer cells stopped proliferating and initiated self-killing. Further animal tests proved that QV0 suppresses tumour cell growth and causes no harm to the liver and kidney or increases blood glucose post-treatment.

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    Defender Fit + is suitable for people who wish to improve their health by weight control and prevent cancer.


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    Hon-E Haven proudly presents Defender Fit +,under Defender series, with the focus on weight control 100% in a natural way. Defender Fit +  formulated honey, QV0, fruits, ginger and herb blend makes a superb convenient, easy to take drinks. QV0 is a natural ingredient. It would affect appetite to avoid eating more than enough food in a meal. Simply mix it with water and let Fit +  to serve as immunity defend for your body. 100% natural ingredients.

    Hon-E Haven has joint-research projects with An Independent Research Institute in Australia. We have conducted repeats animal tests showing animals treated with QV0 cancer cell stop proliferating and initiated self killing (a novel cancer treatment patent with QV0 has been filed).


    (请注意,国际运输的交货时间可能需要 3-4 周)



    重量 0.45克

    麦卢卡蜂蜜MGO 263+
    柑橘粉 (全果粉)



    Avoid sunlight exposure. Store in a cool, dry place. Once expore to air, consume immediately. Recommended to store it at refrigerator.



    Defender Fit + 有 1 个评价


      My wife had tried different ways to cut down her weight but not successful. About 2 months ago I bought 1 box of Fit (+) for my wife to try. By drinking 2 cups a day, she really ate less and after 1 month, she lost 3 kg weight. She said the taste is a bit bitter but very natural. An excellent product. I have bought tow more boxes and will buy more soon.


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